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Attorney John M. Gallagher

John M. Gallagher was a career attorney with the United States Immigration Service until 2001. In 2001 he began private practice and founded Gallagher Law Offices in order to offer services.

While working as an attorney for the United States, Mr. Gallagher represented the U.S. government in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City in the prosecution and resolution of various immigration matters.

Working closely with United States Attorneys, Mr. Gallagher was instrumental in successfully resolving over sixty mandamus and habeas corpus lawsuits on behalf of the defendant U.S. government. While working for U.S. immigration agencies, Mr. Gallagher was dedicated to immigration litigation. His responsibility included hundreds of hearings on all forms of relief for foreign nationals in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Mr. Gallagher is well-versed in the immigration procedures of the U.S. government, and worked closely with Headquarters officials, Regional and District officials, Immigration Judges, government attorneys, and consular officials around the world.

Prior to his government service, Mr. Gallagher spent a year with a public interest firm specializing in the preparation and advocacy of war refugee asylum cases.

Mr. Gallagher is also an Engineer, and spent his pre-legal career at large engineering companies in Los Angeles and San Francisco. After college, Mr. Gallagher spent a year in Spain as a teacher, and concurrently earned an academic title at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Mr. Gallagher is fluent in Spanish.